How Consumers Engage with Mobile Apps

And How We Build Apps That Make Consumers Take Action

Did you know that there are more than 1 million apps in Apple’s App Store? And that there are 1 million more in Google Play? It’s crazy.
The challenge for most mobile app developers isn’t developing more apps as much as it is creating demand for the apps that they’ve already created.

That’s harder than it looks. But if you use certain marketing techniques, you can differentiate your app from your competitors and take your first steps towards being the next Angry Birds, Flappy Bird or (Fill in the Blank) Bird.
The slides below are the marketing tips I’ll be talking about at the DevNexus conference in Atlanta. Some of the slides require some explanation, but others provide you some information that you might not have already known.

How Consumers Engage with Mobile Apps from Jamie Turner
When defining your mobile customer engagement strategy focus on implementing solutions which cover the following 4 areas:
1. Customer Acquisition – mobile marketing to get new customers by using messaging (SMS, email, and push notifications), mobile advertising, location based services, and mobile search engine optimization.
2. Customer Loyalty – increase customer adoption, frequency, and share of wallet through mobile apps, content, utilities, gamification, and messaging.
3. Mobile Commerce – enable customer to easily place orders and make purchases through mobile website and mobile apps.
4. Customer Experience (i.e. customer service and support) – provide easy access to product details, location, and availability. Also provide direct access to customer service with click to call, email, and case logging.