5 Best Alternatives to Online Analysis

In this year, new equals better.

Are you tired of paying a lot for WebCEO and some other older tools? Looking for the best alternatives? This post is right for you. WebCEO is a great tool deserves the right to be at the top of the SEO tools list.


The only drawback of the tool is a high price. However, the market is fast-evolving, and there are lots of useful alternatives to WebCEO and other older tools to conduct a detailed competitor analysis.


Having said that, we’re going to review 5 good alternatives for getting insights into your competitors’ data. All these products offer a good set of standard SEO tools such as keyword research, backlink checker, rank tracker, keyword grouping, and much more. Let’s dive into these alternatives in order to increase your sales and website traffic.


1. SE Ranking


Hands down, SE Ranking is one of the best WebCEO alternatives. It is a good competitor research tool for digging into organic and paid search. The tool is versatile and gives one of the most accurate insights about your competitors.
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Description: seranking1.png


When it comes to competitors’ monitoring, the tool allows you detect top organic and paid rivals, get a list of competitors and advertisers for certain query and find a similar keyword in order to increase your search visibility.
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Here are some amazing benefits of using SE Ranking:


    1. To track website positions at any location in the world


    1. To perform a comprehensive website audit


    1. To check and analyze backlinks


    1. To find profitable keywords for your projects


    1. To group keywords with search volume


    1. To manage social media campaigns


Using SE Ranking, you can easily analyze your competitors, increase the site’s rank, revenue and visitors. You can test the tool out for free within 14 days and figure out all major features.


2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is considered a good alternative to WebEO and widely known among thousands of SEO experts. The tool has a pretty large link database that includes over 15 trillion live links. It is a very important factor as you can perform a very detailed competitor analysis and build up new marketing strategies.
Description: Ahrefs.pngDescription: Ahrefs1.png
Here are a few great features of Ahrefs:


    1. To find new content ideas with Content explorer


    1. To monitor competitors’ link profiles


    1. To conduct a detailed crawl report of websites


    1. Get alerts for competitors’ new links


    1. To get notice of broken links


If you want to learn more about Ahrefs, you can use a free trial within 14 days.

3. Alexa

Alexa is a good digital marketing tool that helps you compare different sites traffic and control general traffic trends. The tool allows you compare up to 5 websites at a time what is really useful, especially if you run a large number of marketing projects.
Description: Alexa.png
The tool offers more about websites, particularly all about traffic. It shows a total number of pageviews per user, bounce rate percentage, time on a website and the average percentage of visits from search engines. One of the drawbacks is accuracy, as some reports are not helpful for predicting traffic on their own.
Description: Alexa1.png
To find out more about Alexa possibilities, you can try a 7-day trial.

4. SimilarWeb

Similar Web is good competitive analysis tool that helps you compare the traffic statistics from three competitors in the dashboard. In comparison with Alexa, the tool provides more accurate insight sets about your rivals and gives a well-detailed analysis of their traffic sources. You can key more on SEO and stand out from the crowd.
Description: SimilarWeb.pngDescription: SimilarWeb1.png
Once you enter a website or a list of websites, you will get data on:


    1. What are the basic traffic sources (Search, PPC,  Email, etc.)?


    1. What are the main competition’s online strategies?


    1. How much traffic are they receiving?


    1. How the traffic strategies vary among your rivals and countries?


    1. Do the rivals use the same traffic sources?


If you want to get more about this tool, you can test SimilarWeb for free, but with a pretty limited features.

5. Siteliner

Siteliner is a free and useful tool to quickly evaluate competitors’ content on a site including page sizes, duplicate content, internal linking, broken links, a number of words and links on a page.
Description: SiteLiner.pngDescription: SiteLiner1.png
When it comes to link building, it works in a very effective way: content-focused and Google-friendly. It helps you reveal dead or broken links on your website or other resources to avoid penalties from Google. The richer your piece of content is on a site, the more successful your link building tactic works. For SEO purposes, it is worth using SiteLiner.


To increase your sales and get much traffic, you need to use right SEO tools. The problem with many SEO tools is that SEO beginner or small agencies can’t afford expensive tools like WebCEO, Moz, etc. These 5 best alternatives are a lot cheaper and provide a good suite of tools to do a comprehensive competitor analysis.
Did I miss any of SEO tools? Which of these tools have you used? Your comments help me produce useful content on a consistent basis.

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