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Cool, Sexy And Not Only That…

SEO SlogansLike branding marketing and design, a company slogan/tagline is may be an essential part of any brand (note: mine have none yet ? ). I am not going to list key features of a good marketing slogan (you are most probably well aware of them: short, catchy, unique, etc, etc) – I don’t like repeating what is said in each and every how-to-create-a-good-slogan post. What I still want to point out are some advanced features that are often overlooked by most experienced copywriters.

Keep in mind:

1. Rank your company website for your slogan/tagline (the easiest way to do that is to include your brand name in it);
2. Brand your slogan (e.g. make it part of your company logo/banner);
3. Avoid nonsense and worthless [SEO] phrases (like ‘Cheap and Unique SEO Services‘… grrr…);
4. Create a universally understandable slogan.

So how do I sloganize my brand?

I am not a professional copywriter, but I want to create a slogan for my website. How do I do that? (yep, you did expect me to give some actionable advice, didn’t you?)

>>> Find inspiration in English idioms and cliches. Quick example (note, that’s the first thing that came to my mind, so bare with me ?). Every trick in the book” may become “Every trick in SEO,” or something like that.

Note: don’t forget about slogan feature #4 and also about British/American English language differences.

>>> Check English slang and urban phrases (e.g. ‘internetly speaking‘, nice one, huh?);

Note: again, slang may be area specific and often… well, rude.

>>> Learn from others’ mistakes and successful inventions.

Note: if your business belongs to a different vertical (than the original slogan owner’s), you can freely use someone else’s idea unless it’s universally or generally popular.

It’s time for some examples:

Most prominent (i.e. my favorite) feature:

SEO Slogan:

– contains the brand name; “Read SEOmoz. Rank better. ” (
– is part of brand logo/banner; “Get Found!” (
– is catchy and ideally matches the brand image; “I’m sexy and I do SEO.” (
– clearly describes the service itself; “Our job is to make you stand out.” (


1. Watch this bad slogan game – quite a nice read;

2. Try this slogan generator. This is what I got for ‘SEO’ there:

SEO Slogans

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