Linkedin Lead Digital Marketing Tricks 5 Ways Your Linkedin Profile Can Become A Lead Generator.

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has certainly positioned itself as the #1 professional networking site. After being acquired by Microsoft in 2017, LinkedIn released its data in April claiming 500 million users. With these huge number of users, it’s no surprise that most business people find themselves on LinkedIn. Wondering how you can stand out from the crowd and make your LinkedIn profile produce desired results? Here are 5 quick tips to make your LinkedIn profile a lead magnet!

1. That picture of yours…

People generally make the mistake of uploading the same casual photo that they use for other social media platforms but in case of LinkedIn, your profile picture should reflect that you are confident, successful, and trustworthy. So it’s time to get rid of that party selfie.

If you are wondering which photo to choose, check out this article to get some idea.

2. That summary of yours…

The summary portion of the profile gives you the option to explain who you are and describe yourself beyond the basic details in any resume. Use this portion to pitch how you can add value to the organization. Think of the words that prospective buyers or industry partners will use to search for someone with your expertise, and work this into your content for added SEO value. For example include “Business Coach,” “Workforce Mangement,” and “Leadership Development” if you work as a Business coach and want to do lead generation for your field of work. Using such keywords will expand your exposure.

3. Those People you follow…

Like it or not, LinkedIn goes way beyond your personal network. It gives you the opportunity to keep up with people and famous personalities relevant to your industry as well as successful people who inspire you. Following key leaders and influencers ensures that you receive posts and information that’s relevant to you rather than any random stuff in your newsfeed.

Wondering where to start?? here is a list of people you can follow regardless of your industry or experience level!

4. That headline of yours…..

Here’s a well-known fact: Your headline is one of the first things people see when they view your profile. Here’s the twist: Every time you change your current position or company, LinkedIn defaults your headline to your updated title, which is not the best way to attract prospects. Instead, you should work on a compelling and unique headline to make your profile stand out from the rest of the crowd.

5. Those skills of yours…

Being in the LinkedIn community means you’ll be surrounded by individuals who are there for many of the same reasons as you are. So to make an impact, be sure to add your skills and certifications into your profile that have contributed to your professional journey and will also help increase your reach. Also listing your educational institutions will provide you with opportunities to network with fellow alumni.

In the end, whether your goal on LinkedIn is to explore new opportunities or to find a vendor partner to assist with an upcoming project, it’s essential to put your best foot forward and these steps will help you achieve exactly that.